Monday, August 24, 2009

The Olympics Are Upon Us......

What can the Hotel/Motel Association do to enhance their product for all of the people that will be converging upon our province in February, 2010?

It may be too late for the association to do something if they aren’t already in the midst of planning before now. I am sure they have, but if not, there is still time for your local area, local community or individual owners to get the message out promoting your area.

The Internet is the most effective tool that you may have.

The 1988 Olympics, in Calgary, found that one-third of the visitors stayed in the area for up to an additional two weeks to explore and see what Alberta had to offer.

You can be sure the visitor coming to The Olympics in 2010, are quite computer savvy. They will have already started surfing for information on the diverse geography and tourist opportunities British Columbia has available. A lot of people will extend their holidays beyond The Olympics.

Recently we had reserved a weekend in Seattle to see those dreaded Yankees play ball. The hotel we had made arrangements through, had emailed us three times building up our stay with them. One email was about points of interest and activities we could see and do in the area, with links to investigate further. I think that was a nice touch.

There are some websites offering very good coverage that an individual property owner can join relatively inexpensive, or better yet, a community can get together to save money and advertise through a popular site. Obtain display material, from The Olympic Committee, to have in your rooms or in the lobby of your property. You will receive positive feedback.

We sometimes get complacent about the area we live in but, make no mistake, that the area you reside in has many special and unique attractions for the visitor from another country or the next province.

Talk to the local Chamber of Commerce, getting them involved to keep the visitor in your area for a longer period of time. Even one more night can pay huge dividends to the community. If they don’t stay longer, maybe they will remember your area and want to come back another time in the future plus tell people about your area back home. After the visitor leaves, send a follow up email two weeks after they have left, thanking them for utilizing your facility and that you look forward to their next visit.

Tourism British Columbia and Alberta can help with the promotion of your community at this late date.

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