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Jerry's December Newsletter

Occasionally, I like to bring other perspectives to the Hospitality Industry. Obtaining viewpoints from other practitioners equips you with information to assist in your purchasing and selling decisions. I am pleased to introduce Adrian Rizzo from Kent MacPherson Appraisals offering a commentary on the appraiser’s view. I would like to thank Adrian for his contribution.

Appraising A Hotel
Hotel appraisals are required when a property is transacting or refinanced. As there have been very few transactions of hotels in B.C. since late 2008, most recent appraisals have been for re-financing purposes. Like most real estate investments, hotels and motels can be valued by the three common appraisal methods which include the Cost Approach, Direct Comparison Approach and the Income Approach. Hotels and motels are commonly bought and sold on their ability to generate income; therefore are most appropriately valued by the Income Approach.

The Cost Approach
involves estimating the replacement cost of the building and deducting all forms of depreciation. The value of the land is then added to the depreciated value of the building to produce an estimate of value. This approach may provide a reliable estimate of value of new or proposed properties, as hotels are especially susceptible to economic depreciation, thus this approach is often met with skepticism from knowledgeable investors.

The Direct Comparison Approach
can be used for small motels where, due to their size, they are often uneconomical operations, but they provide accommodation and employment for the owner and their family. For hotels and larger motels, this approach is often utilized as a secondary method that provides support for the Income Approach valuation.

Income Approach Methods
In general, there are two preferred methods available within the Income Approach. They are:

· Direct capitalization method, and

· Discounted cash flow analysis.

Both methods convert future income into a present value.

The Direct Capitalization Method
Direct capitalization converts or “capitalizes” a property’s net operating income into an estimate of market value using a capitalization rate. The capitalization rate is a reflection of the investor’s opinion about the risk associated with the investment and the characteristics offered by the property in comparison to other investment opportunities.

Market Value

=Net Annual Operating Income

Capitalization Rate

The Discounted Cash Flow Method
This method converts future revenue into a present value by discounting each future benefit at an appropriate yield rate. 5 and 10 year investment horizons are the most common. The procedure utilized to convert annual income and reversion into present value is called discounting, while the required yield rate of return is called the discount rate. The discounting procedure presumes that the investor will receive a satisfactory return on the investment and complete recovery of the capital invested. Yield Capitalization is also called the Discounted Cash Flow method (DCF) because a discount rate is used to calculate the present value of anticipated future cash flows.

Hotel Values Rely Upon Actual Performance
Perhaps more than any other income producing property, the value of hotel real estate relates to its actual performance. While there are many hotels of similar nature, often they do not have the same type of attributes, room mix, room finishes, restaurants, franchise affiliations, labour arrangements, etc. Therefore, in this valuation procedure, actual historical income and expenses from the starting point in the appraisal process.

Stabilizing Income and Expense Figures
Since the hotel business has a tendency to fluctuate from year to year, hotel values are generally established on the basis of stabilized incomes and expenses. This procedure follows the steps that a prudent purchaser would take in considering the value of a hotel. The appraiser compares the actual performance of a hotel to industry norms and makes adjustments to actual performance where necessary.

Hotel Values are Sensitive to Market Changes
The market value of a hotel is sensitive to changes in the marketplace. As the revenue generated from a hotel relies upon short term stays, a drop or rise in occupancy produces an immediate and corresponding drop or rise in income. Furthermore, the hotel industry is cyclical in nature and therefore values can be expected to rise and fall over time. The rise of the Canadian dollar and significant events such as 9/11 and the SARS outbreak are examples of events that have affected the hospitality industry.

Analyzing Sales to Extract a Capitalization Rate
An accurate appraisal is contingent upon the appraiser having access to the financial performance of recently transacted comparable properties. It is critical that the same analysis utilized to derive a capitalization rate from the comparable sales is applied when valuing the subject hotel.

The appraisal of a hotel is both interesting and challenging and is usually completed by an appraiser experienced in the analysis of the many variables that exist in a hospitality industry. Knowledge of industry performance and current transactions are essential elements of a well-prepared appraisal report.

Guest Contributor:
Adrian Rizzo, AACI, P. App is an associate with Kent-Macpherson Appraisals Ltd in Kelowna, BC. He specializes in the valuation and assessment appeals of hotels and motels throughout B.C. He can be reached at 250-763-2236 or

I have qualified buyers looking to purchase properties in Alberta and British Columbia. If you are thinking of selling your property, now may be the time. Please give me a call to discuss your requirements.

On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, joyous and peaceful holiday season.

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Jerry’s knowledge base of the total British Columbia market lends his expertise to sales of hotels and motels, small and large businesses, and commercial real estate. Having owned and operated ranches hotels and motels, in the past, gives Jerry Dombowsky a very good understanding of the effort needed to close the deal. Jerry is well versed in all aspects of the real estate market.

"We have known Jerry Dombowsky for over 25 years. During that time Jerry has helped us buy two businesses, including our present motel. He also helped in the sale of three businesses. Jerry assisted with all transactions upon the purchase and sale of each business detailing the documentation required to complete each stage. Jerry has always remained in constant contact with us and has made us feel more than just clients. With Jerry’s honesty and friendly disposition, we would not hesitate to recommend Jerry Dombowsky for someone’s real estate needs."
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prospective Hotel/Motel Buyer or Seller?

Upon researching The BC and Yukon Hotel Association newsletter section, I have reprinted articles that maybe of interest to readers. I am sure many of you are members of this association which works towards the betterment of the complete accommodation industry – big and small.

Notice from the BC Safety Authority:

Re: Hydraulic Elevators with Single Bottom Cylinders

The BC Safety Authority is encouraging operators of hotels built prior to 1980 to check with their elevator maintenance contractor to ensure they are in compliance with Safety Code B44-2007 restricting the use of single bottom cylinder elevators without proper safety mechanisms. The single bottom cylinder design was an industry standard prior to 1977: these cylinders were also installed without a PVC casing, leaving the cylinder unprotected against corrosion or electrolytic action.

When a single bottom cylinder fails, welds connecting the bottom plate to the cylinder fail, and the column of oil supporting the elevator is expelled into the surrounding earth. The elevator drops in more or less free-fall; this type of catastrophic failure may result in injury or death, property damage, and/or environmental contamination.

Safety Pays: Register Now for go2’s New Certificate of Recognition Program

go2 – has been working in partnership with WorkSafeBC over the past few months in order to create an occupational health and safety division for the hospitality and tourism industry. A key component of this division includes the development and implementation of the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

The COR program provides financial incentives to employers who go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation by taking the “best practice” approach to implementing health and safety, and return-to-work programs.

The program will allow participating properties to undergo a certification process that will make them eligible for rebates of up to 15% on their WorkSafeBC premiums. go2 has developed an audit tool that will be used to measure employers’ success in implementing their occupational health and safety management system.

For more information, or to register for this program, please contact Terry Bertram, COR Coordinator at  or by phone at: 604-633-9787 ext. 220.

Natural Gas Rates Update For the update on competitive rates offered by the BCHA Natural Gas Consultant, as well as additional information to the above, please go to the following web address:   and refer to “newsletters”.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why have a membership to your provincial Motel/Hotel association?

The accommodation industry associations, in Alberta and British Columba, have many money cost saving advantages when you are a member of your provincial association.

Benefits provided by The Alberta Hotel Association ....

The Alberta Hotel Association has membership advantages in credit card discounts with one of the largest merchant processors in the country.

Electrical Energy Procurement helps all members by negotiating a savings on electricity for all members.

Energy Efficiency Programs helps the individual property assessment to lower the usage of power.

Insurance purchase for its members, in bulk, is a long term savings for all members with the aim to not be under-insured.

Natural Gas Procurement allows the association to negotiate saving money for all members for many years to come. All members can better control their costs.

Group Health Benefits has been a real positive step to securing and keeping good employees. The costs are less when purchased through a large association.

The association provides all members and employees with access to Group Retirement Plans. This is provided by a dedicated professional team of consultants.

For more information on these and other benefits, please go to their website:

Some of the benefits provided by The British Columbia and Yukon Hotel Association, for their membership, is... but not limited to:

Insurance Discounts: The association has a provider that will “shop” the best competitive rate for all members – large or small. Acquiring adequate insurance to ensure you are not under-insured, at the time of a claim, is very important for the individual property owner.

Telecom Program is in depth and covers a wide range of services for members and their employees. Examples of some of the programs, are: lower rates for lines, faxes and, on your 1-800 # - no signed contracts; discount calling cards for members; 0 + commission on guest calls.

Preferential rates on Visa, Mastercard and Interac.

Fuel and merchandise discounts with a select group of providers

Suppliers Discount: The association has developed marketing relationships with a select group of quality and reputable suppliers that will provide good service and product value.

For more information on these and other services, please review their website:

As you can see, both provinces have associations working to the benefit of their respective membership in obtaining the most competitive value on a wide range of services.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

A program to help employers and employees get through some of the down times

We start a new year with lots of optimism and positive thoughts.

I think a lot of areas are going to see positive results from the Olympic spill over, for British Columbia and Alberta.

In researching information for this newsletter, I found an article thanks to The BC Hotel Association and on the Service Canada web site, that is very timely for the accommodation industry.

Service Canada has developed a program to help employers and employees get through some of the down times.

This, in turn, may help keep their jobs and the employer, his good employees. It is called the Work-Sharing Agreement and the details are on their website.

For more information, please visit their website:

Phone #: 1-866-891-5319

I would like to wish all the people in the accommodation industry a happy and prosperous 2010.

Jerry Dombowsky
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