Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Is The Best Time To Sell Or Buy in British Columbia?

It can be easier than you think if you follow a few steps:

Why do I want to sell? There can be many reasons. I want a larger property. I am very comfortable operating this property but I have some extra cash from being a good operator. I’m thinking now is the time to move up to a larger property. The property is in good condition and I should get maximum dollar because the new buyer will not have to spend any money to improve it, for now.

How do I sell the property and what method do I use to get the maximum price? Do I try myself or hire a professional. Selling it “myself”, very seldom works because a sign or ad doesn’t usually get the results you want. The professional has potential buyers waiting to purchase from areas far away. The professional is usually dealing on multiple properties and has multiple clients looking for a variety of property types.

In today’s market place, the professional should have a quality website and, this, above all other advertising will bring the good buyer.

PRICE: This is the most important of all the items that should transpire before selling. The seller always has a price in mind but he or she should always listen to the professional because they usually come in with no emotion attached to the property and will give you an honest opinion. Most of the time, properties that sell are the ones that had a price assigned by a good, honest professional.

If you have any doubts, get an appraisal completed by a bank approved appraiser. The rates, today, are at an all time low and a purchaser can save thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage if they get in now. There is a lot of action in the market place at this moment with buyers looking for that “right priced property”.

OR... do I just want to retire and get out of the business altogether. If this is your wish, then the above thoughts will work for you as well.

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