Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to keep travelers and vacationers in your region!

Travelling through diverse areas of British Columbia and Alberta this summer, attempting to meet as many property owners as possible, I have come to appreciate the beauty that exists in these provinces. The majestic north of Terrace, B.C. and area to the spectacular hoodoos of the Badlands in Drumheller, AB where the dinosaurs once roamed millions of years ago left quite an impression.

It is apparent that some communities have done a great job in restoring historical sites and publicizing their many attractions, attributing to tourists’ longer durations, discovering a new adventure at every turn. What wonderful memories to take back home, sharing their experiences with people they know!

In talking to travellers, the majority of them said they were not travelling as far this summer but that they wanted to explore the areas closer to home. This is where a community working cohesively together can capitalize on, not only the tourists but business travellers. Imparting information about the area would entice these travellers to spend extra time getting acquainted with the venues brought to their attention. The more a community works together, the more all businesses will flourish.

It’s great to receive the far away world tourist but it can be a great feeling for the area visitor to give you positive feedback. These are the people who will keep coming back.

During my travels, I had stopped in at one information center that made quite an impression on me. I had asked the female attendant how I could spend my holiday in the area. Of the selections discussed, she gave me a circle tour that would keep me in that area for four days.

This is something that a good accommodation operator could train the staff to present to the inquisitive tourist. Offering to map out attractions to see, ultimately keeping the clientele in the area for a longer period of time would be of benefit, not only to the traveller, but to your operation.

Chances are this traveller will come back to your place in the future because of the helpful assistance given during their last stay. You can bet, they will be talking to their friends and co-workers about the helpful people at your memorable place!

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