Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The Hotel Association of Canada released an extensive survey conveying very interesting results. Some of the findings were, with the economy slow down, you would think you would see a downward impact on travel but.... NOT SO.

Three-quarters of Canadians said they were still going to travel. They may not stay as long or stay at high end hotels/bed and breakfasts. They may not spend as much on dining out. This could be a great opportunity for the hotelier to come out with some innovative ideas for extended free night stays or other enticements. The creative owner/manager will adapt to the current situation and come out stronger in the end.

The business traveller requires more access to facilities such as the latest technology in internet access/projector; small meeting room with up-to-date furnishings and accessories accommodating 4-6 individuals for a minimal cost.

The Canadian traveller utilizes the internet to access the most suitable accommodations for their specific needs. Three-quarters of business and leisure travellers say that the high-end hotels’ testimonials will influence where they stay. If the lower-rate accommodation properties have good testimonials on their website, they too, will benefit.

Almost two-thirds of travellers are using the internet to book their accommodation and over 90% are downloading maps and directions. They are taking virtual tours to look at the on-line photos to see where they will be staying and what amenities and attractions are in the area. It is very important to have a clean, sharp looking site and go “that extra mile” to developing a quality website.

Loyalty program rewards may not have played a big roll when the economy was better but now, may be a deciding factor where and how much longer a business or holiday traveller may stay. The clever operator will market that side of the business and will benefit greatly from the extra stay time.

There can always be a silver lining to all aspects of the economy.

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