Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why have a membership to your provincial Motel/Hotel association?

The accommodation industry associations, in Alberta and British Columba, have many money cost saving advantages when you are a member of your provincial association.

Benefits provided by The Alberta Hotel Association ....

The Alberta Hotel Association has membership advantages in credit card discounts with one of the largest merchant processors in the country.

Electrical Energy Procurement helps all members by negotiating a savings on electricity for all members.

Energy Efficiency Programs helps the individual property assessment to lower the usage of power.

Insurance purchase for its members, in bulk, is a long term savings for all members with the aim to not be under-insured.

Natural Gas Procurement allows the association to negotiate saving money for all members for many years to come. All members can better control their costs.

Group Health Benefits has been a real positive step to securing and keeping good employees. The costs are less when purchased through a large association.

The association provides all members and employees with access to Group Retirement Plans. This is provided by a dedicated professional team of consultants.

For more information on these and other benefits, please go to their website:

Some of the benefits provided by The British Columbia and Yukon Hotel Association, for their membership, is... but not limited to:

Insurance Discounts: The association has a provider that will “shop” the best competitive rate for all members – large or small. Acquiring adequate insurance to ensure you are not under-insured, at the time of a claim, is very important for the individual property owner.

Telecom Program is in depth and covers a wide range of services for members and their employees. Examples of some of the programs, are: lower rates for lines, faxes and, on your 1-800 # - no signed contracts; discount calling cards for members; 0 + commission on guest calls.

Preferential rates on Visa, Mastercard and Interac.

Fuel and merchandise discounts with a select group of providers

Suppliers Discount: The association has developed marketing relationships with a select group of quality and reputable suppliers that will provide good service and product value.

For more information on these and other services, please review their website:

As you can see, both provinces have associations working to the benefit of their respective membership in obtaining the most competitive value on a wide range of services.

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