Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are you leveraging the Vancouver 2010 OLYMPICS to your advantage as a hotel and motel operator?

The Vancouver BC, 2010 Olympics are coming and this can be positive for the B.C. accommodation hotel and motel industry and, to a lesser degree, the Alberta accommodation industry.

If my memory serves me right (and it has been a long time since the Winter Olympics in Calgary), this event showcased the province of Alberta to the world putting this province on “the map”. The Winter Olympics provided a boost to the economy, not only to Calgary and the surrounding area, but to The Province of Alberta. For a number of years after The Olympics, the benefits to tourism for Alberta and British Columbia, was a direct result of the “1988 Big Show”.

The astute BC hotel and motel operator that has an outstanding website and a clean operation can reap the benefits for several years after The BC Olympics. Not only will the accommodations surrounding the Vancouver BC 2010 Olympics venues reap the benefits but outlying areas will also do well. There is an immense range of diversity in both provinces and the good hotel and motel operator will take advantage of depicting the beauty and attractions in his or her area.

The out of country/province traveller wants to know what your area has to offer. Sometimes, after living in an area for awhile, we tend to forget what our special area offers with many diverse features and sights. From the unique restaurant in the area to the back country with its lakes, mountains and forests, Alberta and British Columbia have awe inspiring views with everything to offer the sports enthusiast to individuals wishing to pass tranquil moments. Sometimes the unique “old timers” can help you out with information that is not known to the general public. Get to know the people in your area. You will be viewed more positively than other owners.

The keen BC hotel and motel operator will be thinking of items of interest that he or she can establish on their website to entice the Vancouver BC, 2010 Olympics traveller to “come and explore and stay” in their area. Tourists will travel far if he or she sees something on your website that tweaks their interest.

The tourists are coming. You are in control in the portrayal of what makes you stand out from other operations.

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