Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jerry Dombowsky - Hotels for sale - Motels for sale - Location, location, location!!!

You know what they say about real estate, location, location, location!! When buying a hotel, motel or resort the existing property location should follow some of these purchasing guidelines:

· Easy in and out access and, if possible, seen from main traffic arteries. · How close to shopping and entertainment is your location?
· How close are you to water and activities, especially if in a water tourist area?
· What clientele are you catering to?
· Know your clientele. If it is the tourist you may need amenities such as pools, waterslides and games area.
· Does the location have a little pizzazz to keep the regulars coming back?
· Does the location have the ability to be developed into a compelling draw for the drive by or the return client?
· It is important to check with the local transportation department in the area, to find out if traffic patterns are going to change in the near future. How will that affect you and the general area short and long term?
· If you are targeting the Business traveller you will need a comfortable work area in the room, plus the latest technology.
· If you cater to the contract worker, you will need the basic living comforts and additional parking for the specialty equipment that they may have on the way to the job site.
·Belonging to the Chamber of Commerce and other organisations popular in this particular area will always help in getting your property to a higher level of recognition.

When buying, buy the property you need great access to amenities. The Hotel can be renovated, but you can't change the location. Location is where the real long-term value is.

Remember, the good qualities are very seldom mentioned but the bad ones are never forgotten and repeated time and again. Always present the best side of your property. It is a part of you.
Jerry Dombowsky
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